Type of Glass to be Used in a Sandblasting Cabinet

Jun 13th

Sandblasting cabinet – When creating or repairing a sandblasting cabinet, consider its uses. For the very detailed work will need a visor and arm-holes to see what you are doing and go inside the object. This is common when parts retail automobile or other small objects. But if you do not need a window, do not put the windows are destroying it can be difficult to install and maintain, and it is best to completely seal the cabinet, if you are not using for detailed work. If the screen is necessary, then click a window can resist the power of the means used. Tempered safety glass or let you see in the closet, while resisting the sand or other media you are using.

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Normal glass can break and destroy these conditions, but is tempered glass has a layered design that break on impact in the same way. Although it can still be damaged, it can also protect against the loss of grain and other potential problems. Plexiglas is flexible and can be used instead of tempered glass cabinet for faster project. Plexiglas is a plastic product that resists wear, making it ideal for sandblasting cabinet.

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However, it is weak and even thinner tempered glass, so it may be a good idea to use if attacked with enormous resources. Even if you are very precise with your sandblasting cabinet equipment, some media finally come to the screen. The sand will eventually mark the window, scratches and opacity until it is no longer possible to see through it. If you use the gun often you may end up having to replace the thick glass. Plexiglas, which is much cheaper than tempered glass, can become a better option in these cases.

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