Attractive Shower Surrounds

Jun 12th

Shower surrounds – An attractive shower can improve your property value as well as making your daily shower a more enjoyable experience. When choosing best option for your home, consider appearance and ease of maintenance for you is most important, and then choose materials of highest quality within your price range.

Wall Shower Surrounds
Wall Shower Surrounds

Laminate shower surrounds have come a long way since watching colorful 1970s. Instead of gold veining you will find simple solid colors, reasonably realistic marble and granite looks and other styles in almost any interior. Laminate surrounds are easy to install and easy to clean. Some companies sell single piece units that are adapted prebent to your shower, reducing number of seams which may leak and ruin your plasterboard. main part of laminate installation wants to get a good seal in area where laminate meets tub or shower floor, so bring a few of dollars you saved by choosing laminate and pay them to best quality caulk you’ll find.

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Buy a full-shower surrounds curtain rod or create your own from aluminum tube or – for a slightly higher price but nicer look – copper pipe. Hang a shower curtain along back of shower area and one along front as you normally would. Make sure they are quite a bit of overlap on wall opposite shower and shower head itself. Open shower curtains on all sides regularly and thoroughly clean walls.

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